version added: 1.23.0.


Enable randomized ordering of tests.

type string or boolean or undefined
default undefined

This option is also available as CLI option, and as URL query parameter in the browser.

When set to boolean true, or a string, QUnit will run tests in a seeded-random order.

The provided string will be used as the seed in a pseudo-random number generator to ensure that results are reproducible. The randomization will also respect the reorder option if enabled and re-run failed tests first without randomizing them.

Randomly ordering your tests can help identify non-atomic tests which either depend on a previous test or are leaking state to subsequent tests.

If seed is boolean true (or set as URL query parameter without a value), then QUnit will generate on-demand a new random value to use as seed. You can then read the seed at runtime from the configuration value, and use it to reproduce the same test sequence later.