API Extensions

These plugins provide custom assertions or a complete new interface to use QUnit.

  • SpecIt A QUnit-based API for bdd-style testing
  • Pavlov - extends QUnit with a rich, higher-level, Behavioral API
  • Parameterize - A QUnit plugin For Running Parameterized Tests
  • HTML - A QUnit plugin for assertion methods to compare two HTML strings for equality after a rigorous normalization process.
  • Step - A QUnit plugin for asserting the proper sequence in which the code should execute.
  • Close - A QUnit plugin for asserting that a number is approximately equal (or not) to an expected number, within a given tolerance.
  • Canvas - A QUnit plugin for asserting individual pixel values within a Canvas element.
  • qunit-promises - A QUnit plugin for asserting results of promises.
  • qunit-once - A QUnit plugin that adds setupOnce and teardownOnce to module's config.
  • qunit-inject - A QUnit plugin that allows dependency injection from a module's config object into individual unit tests
  • qunit-helpful - A QUnit plugin that shows the failed expression in assertion message.
  • Classes - A QUnit plugin for asserting if an element has, or lacks, any number of classes.
  • Compare - A QUnit plugin for asserting numerical comparisons like greater than, less than, etc.
  • qunit-fixture - A QUnit plugin that easy use fixture.
  • qunit-dom - A QUnit plugin providing assertions on DOM elements.

Mocking Tools

These libraries can be used along with QUnit to mock Ajax requests, timers and more.


These plugins make it easier to integrate QUnit in various testing setups.


Alternative themes for the HTML Reporter. Load their CSS file instead of the default one.