About QUnit

QUnit is a powerful, easy-to-use JavaScript unit testing framework. It's used by jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile and many other projects and is capable of testing any generic JavaScript code, including itself!

link Vision and Goals

link Simple setup

Setting up the first unit test with QUnit should be super simple, requiring as little setup as possible.

link Immediate, detailed feedback

When a test or assertion fails, QUnit should provide feedback to the developer as fast as possible, with enough detail to quickly figure out the underlying issue. And doing so without interrupting the test, as the other assertions still run.

link Also...

  • Performance: QUnit is not only easy, but fast.
  • Opinionated and lean API, but extensible.
  • Compatible: It works on many different environments.

link QUnit Team

There's a lot of work that goes into making QUnit. Between API design, implementation, ticket triage, bug fixing, developer relations, infrastructure, and everything else, most of the work is done by volunteers. We'd like to recognize the most prominent contributors below, for a full list of all contributors, see the authors list.

link Trent Willis - Project Lead

Trent is a software engineer at LinkedIn based out of Sunnyvale, CA. He has been contributing to QUnit since 2015 and actively works on a number of test-related projects in the Ember.js ecosystem.

link Leo Balter

Leo is a software engineer at Bocoup based in Boston, MA. Leo contributes to QUnit since 2013 and was a project lead from 2015 to early-2017. He represents the JSFoundation at TC39, the technical committee that designs the language specification for JS, and maintains the official spec tests at test262.

link Richard Gibson

Richard is an architect at Dyn in New Hampshire, USA. He has been contributing to jQuery Foundation projects since 2011 (QUnit since 2012), and can be spotted on a large handful of open source repositories.

link Jörn Zaefferer

Jörn is a freelance web developer, consultant and trainer, residing in Cologne, Germany. Jörn evolved jQuery’s testsuite into QUnit and was project lead until mid-2015. He created and maintains a number of popular plugins. As a jQuery UI development lead, he focuses on the development of new plugins, widgets and utilities.

link Timo Tijhof

Timo is a senior engineer at Wikimedia Foundation where he is on the Architecture Committee, the technical committee that governs the integrity and stability of Wikimedia software projects. He has been contributing to jQuery Foundation projects since 2011, and joined the QUnit Team in 2012.

link Kevin Partington

Kevin is a software engineer based out of Minnesota, USA. He has contributed to QUnit since 2015. He is also heavily involved in the ESLint project and actively maintains an ESLint plugin for linting QUnit tests.

link Contributors (Past & Present)

link James M. Greene

link John Resig

link Scott González