version added: 2.18.0.


QUnit.hooks.beforeEach( callback )
QUnit.hooks.afterEach( callback )

Register a global callback to run before or after each test.

parameter description
callback (function) Callback to execute. Called with an assert argument.

This is the equivalent of applying a QUnit.module() hook to all modules and all tests, including global tests that are not associated with any module.

Similar to module hooks, global hooks support async functions or returning a Promise, which will be waited for before QUnit continues executing tests. Each global hook also has access to the same assert object and test context as the QUnit.test that the hook is running for.

For more details about hooks, refer to QUnit.module ยง Hooks.


QUnit.hooks.beforeEach(function () {
  this.app = new MyApp();

QUnit.hooks.afterEach(async function (assert) {
  assert.deepEqual([], await this.app.getErrors(), 'MyApp errors');