version added: 1.0.0. deprecated: 2.21.0. removed: unreleased.



Inform the test runner that your source code and tests have finished loading.

This method was used in conjunction with the QUnit.config.autostart option in a web browser, to indicate when your custom way of loading scripts is complete.

As of QUnit 2.1.1, calls to QUnit.load() are no longer needed. Existing calls are usually ignored and safe to remove.

This method is deprecated. Remove call, or replace by a single call to QUnit.start().


QUnit 2.21.0 Deprecated. Use QUnit.start() instead.
QUnit 2.1.1 QUnit.start() no longer requires calling QUnit.load() first.

Migration guide

If you still call QUnit.load() with QUnit 2.2 or later, the call is usually redundant and safe to remove.

If you call both QUnit.load() and QUnit.start()

If your project started with QUnit 1.x, and you use QUnit.config.autostart = false, then you might be calling both of these methods. In the QUnit 1.x era, QUnit.start() required that you also call QUnit.load() first.

This is no longer needed since QUnit 2.1.1, and the call to QUnit.load() is safe to remove.

If you call QUnit.load()

Prior to QUnit 2.21, the built-in HTML Reporter called QUnit.load() from the window.onload event, which in turn gracefully calls QUnit.start() if it has not been called already.

If your test runner works in a similar way, call QUnit.start() instead of QUnit.load(). This will solve the deprecation warning and prepares you for QUnit 3.

Karma runner

QUnit.load is deprecated and will be removed in QUnit 3.0.

If you encounter this warning in Karma output, upgrade to karma-qunit 4.2.0 or later, which fixes this warning.